Gigabit Ethernet ports

Get the fast and reliable internet connection with these Gigabit Ethernet ports. You get a speed of 1 Gbps.

High powered antennas

External detachable antennas provide high coverage. Attach the antennas in the upward position to get the maximum result.


Most of today’s Asus routers are Dual-band. So, you will get 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz frequency to stream HD videos, files transfer and much more.

Guest Access

Make a separate network for your guests which do not allow them to interfere with your network.

Why do you need routers?

Internet is required in every field today. Just like we need food to survive, internet has that much value today. One cannot survive without it. Business, homes, offices, public places, you get internet at all places. For an internet connection, you need router. Router is a device that provides internet connection. So, to have internet, you must have a router. Asus Company provides you with the best quality routers. Buy one for your place and set it up using web address. There are other methods also to set it up such as WPS setup. Asus router setup process is easy for a user who does not have much knowledge about networking.

How to set up Asus router?

For the Asus router setup, you have to get into the dashboard of the router. For that, use IP address or to open the asus router login window. After this, you can open the dashboard of the router.

Follow the steps given below, if you get confused in any of the step, get in touch with us through live support chat.

1. Connect your Asus router with your modem. Connect through an Ethernet cable to the internet port of your router and another end into the modem.

2. Launch an Internet browser. You can use any from the following: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

3. In the URL bar of the browser, enter either IP address or

4. asus login prompts open. You have to enter the default username and password that you can easily found on the user manual of the router. Hit Enter key.

5. The dashboard of the Asus router opens which looks like the one shown below.

6. Select WAN from the left panel.

7. The next screen appears look like the following. setup

8. Enter the internet connection type and enable WAN, NAT and UPnP.

9. Set WAN IP settings, WAN DNS settings and enter the details of your broadband connection in the account settings section.

10. Click on the Apply button after you have entered all the details. The setup is completed. Congratulations! Enjoy browsing internet.

Few common issues that you encounter with your Asus router

1. Asus router setup issue

2. No security of your wireless router

3. You get a blinking orange light on the LED indicators

4. All the connection is good but you are not able to access the internet

5. A user wants to change the password of its Asus router

6. Forgot password to get into the admin page of the router

Assistance for Asus routers

There are various models of Asus routers. You may get issue with any of this. We have a dedicated team of technicians to resolve your issues. Live chat with them to resolve your issues. Get an instant solution now. setup login

Asus router not working: Fix this issue

1. Turn on/off your devices. This may solve your issue. Try this once. Switch off the modem as well as router. Wait for some seconds and then turn them on again and check for the internet connection.

2. If you have made a wired connection then make sure all the wires are tight enough to get the proper power.

3. May be your router is heated too much. So, turn it off for a long time and then after some hours turn it on.

4. Make sure your computer has all the drivers to run the router and to connect to the router’s network. Your computer must have updated network drivers.

5. Reset your Asus router. Most of the routers issue get resolved by doing so. For the hard reset, take a paper clip and press and hold the reset hole for around 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, release the button. All the configurations set to factory default. You can also do soft reset. For this, open the login page and get into the setup or login page of the router. Click on the restore button.

6. Again setup your device and also change the security settings to make your router secure. Change the wireless security settings to do so. Open the configuration panel and make changes.